Astros still don't have a timetable for Carlos Correa's arrival

Carlos Correa • Houston Astros • A. J. Hinch • Los Angeles

Astros still don't have a timetable for Carlos Correa's arrival

The Astros don't have a timetable for Correa to come back to baseball movement, either. For the time being, he's working with individuals from the group's preparation staff, concentrating on center reproduction, rotational activities and general treatment for bringing down back aggravation and uneasiness.

"We're simply going to keep on going step by step until the point when we get him completely into baseball exercises and completely into recovery mode," Hinch said. "We're content with where he's at, we're restless to push him a tad, yet that is basically the refresh. It's moderate however unfaltering advancement."

Has Correa's mishap expanded the level of worry for Hinch and the Astros?

"I don't believe it's developed," Hinch said. "I think we must be steady in our patients, to sit tight for this to be completely mended and completely advanced. In the event that I keep on hearing advancement, I keep on thinking he's improving, keep on inching forward, at that point all is fine."

The Astros entered Friday's diversion with a 12-7 record since Correa hit the incapacitated rundown on June 26. Houston is 46-27 this year when Correa plays.

"We have a profound list to retain something like this," Hinch said. "I don't care for any days that we are without him. My worries truly continue as before in light of the fact that he's been out of the lineup and not in our blend as one of our center players. As it continues endlessly, clearly we're all inquisitive with respect to when we can get him back. However, my level of concern has continued as before."

One thing is sure: Correa will require a recovery task before the Astros truly think about actuating him.

"He will require a recovery task that is I figure moderately fitting to the time that he's been down," Hinch said. "I don't know what number of diversions that will be inevitable, however, it will be more than one. Until the point when we have a deadline on that, I have no clue when he'd be back."

In any case, Correa faces countless to get back on the field as the Astros' beginning shortstop.

"We require him to complete a considerable measure of baseball movement," Hinch said. "There's no
position, perhaps outside of catcher, that there's more physical movement than shortstop."

Carlos Correa • Houston Astros • A. J. Hinch • Los Angeles


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