Golden Alarm: Scan for missing kid, father in Rulers

Rulers, New York (WABC) - The New York City Police Office has enacted the New York State Golden Caution for a youngster snatching in Rulers.

The snatching happened at 9035 Van Wyck Freeway, in Rulers, New York at around 9:55 PM on Friday.

The tyke is recognized as August Pippins, a dark female, roughly 0 years 8 months old with wavy, dark hair and darker eyes. She is around 20 inches and weighs around 15 pounds. August was most recently seen wearing Dim Onesie.

The suspect is Jerome Pippins, a dark male, around 24 years of age with wavy, dark hair and darker eyes. He is roughly 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 160 pounds. The suspect was most recently seen wearing White Tee Shirt and Dark Nike Shorts.

He was most recently seen voyaging South on Van Wyck Road.

The Kid Was taken under conditions that persuade that they are in approaching risk of genuine damage and additionally passing. Anybody with any data on this kidnapping is requested to call the New York City Police Division at (866)N Y S-Golden or dial 911 to give data on a report or locating.


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