JAMES WAN IS having an exceptionally bustling Comic-Con. As the tradition was beginning, he declared another joint effort with his old Treacherous accomplice Jason Blum for a ghastliness spine chiller called M3GAN. At that point he appeared at Frighten Diego, New Line's repulsiveness exhibit, to talk up ventures like the Conjuring continuation The Religious woman and a third Annabelle motion picture. Presently, he's preparing to assume control Lobby H tomorrow to give fans their first take a gander at his pending Aquaman independent film.

As such, he could be pardoned for being somewhat worried. However Wan, the Australian executive who got his begin in the messy universe of awfulness with the Saw motion pictures, isn't perspiring one piece. Rather he's tweeting, chuckling about the colored hair on his little Funko Pop! vinyl figure, and welcoming me to put my account gadget alongside the toy Aquaman trident.

He's likewise exceptionally cool about the greater part of the Aquaman images that flew up not long after Warner Brothers. discharged the most recent blurb for the film. Highlighting Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) hunched down on a stone in the dark blue ocean, the web instantly remixed the picture with characters from other maritime movies like The Little Mermaid.

"I cherish it," Wan says. "The incongruity is when individuals ask me 'How hard is it making this motion picture? Is there a great deal of visual impacts?' I by and large dependably say 'I have an inclination that I'm making a vivified film. I have a feeling that I'm making Discovering Nemo.' I have no issue with individuals making a connection amongst this and Discovering Nemo in light of the fact that that is one of my most loved motion pictures ever."

What else is Wan amped up for? WIRED sat down with him—on a watercraft!— at Comic-Con to get the merchandise on everything he has going.
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