Climate conjecture: Some showers, storms early Saturday

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Here's your Tampa region climate gauge for late Friday into Saturday morning, alongside a review of conditions through one week from now.

Tropical deluges

Same example this end of the week

Expanding southwest breeze

Scattered showers and a few tempests are decreasing tonight.

There will probably be a few showers and tempests creating in the inlet and moving coastal medium-term.

Mists will disperse some medium-term. With high dew focuses, lows remain in the upper 70s to low 80s.

A territory of high weight will stay close South Florida so the inland breeze example will proceed as the weekend progressed.

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The southwest breeze will bring showers and a few tempests into our region early morning Saturday. Tempests will again move inland from that point.

The clump of most profound dampness is probably going to move south toward the evening. This ought to lessen the rain scope over Citrus and Hernando Counties for the evening.

Overwhelming precipitation will be likely crosswise over Tampa Bay. Skies will be generally overcast and it will be windy, particularly close to the drift.

Winds will be out of the southwest. Highs will be in the 80s to close to 90 inland.

Tempests will create in the Gulf of Mexico and move onto the drift, ending up increasingly various as they spread inland for Sunday once more. Skies will be for the most part shady, with blustery west breezes.

High temperatures will be in the upper 80s to low 90s Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday, southwest inland breeze will fortify making blustery conditions for the duration of the day, particularly along the drift.

High rain chances proceed with Monday and Tuesday with various showers and tempests over our region.

With the mists and rain, evening highs will be in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees every day.

Low temperatures will be in the mid 70s to low 80s.

We may come back to a more commonplace mid year design before one week from now's over with predominantly evening and night tempests. This will occur when the breezes change and start to originate from the southeast.

Precipitation today through 4 p.m.:

Sugarmill Woods (Citrus) 4.97

Weeki Wachee (Hernando) 2.11

Precious stone River (Citrus) 1.88

Spring Hill (Hernando) 1.80

Citrus Springs (Citrus) 1.46

Pinellas Park (Pinellas) 1.25

New Port Richey (Pasco) 1.22

Lecanto (Citrus) 1.09

Foxleigh (Manatee) 0.95

Fishhawk (Hillsborough) 0.96

Westchase (Hillsborough) 0.90

Tarpon Springs (Pinellas) 0.81

Brooksville (Hernando) 0.80

Largo (Pinellas) 0.75

South Pasadena (Pinellas) 0.74

North St. Petersburg (Pinellas) 0.71

Lake Hamilton (Polk) 0.67

South Lakeland (Polk) 0.65

Seminole (Pinellas) 0.64

Oneco (Manatee) 0.62


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