Man Wounded Amid Battle at at Queens Center Mall

Man Wounded Amid Battle  at Queens Center Mall

A 27-year-old man was wounded amid a battle in the nourishment court, police say

A man was wounded amid a battle inside Rulers Center Shopping center Friday evening, specialists say.

The 27-year-old casualty was wounded in the head when he and his 26-year-old sibling were assaulted by a gathering of five men in the nourishment court at the shopping center in Elmhurst, police said.

He was taken to Elmhurst Clinic with non-hazardous wounds.

Four suspects were arrested at the scene, police said. One man is as yet being looked for.

The indoor shopping center on Rulers Street in Elmhurst houses many retails stores, moored by a J.C. Penney and a Macy's.


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